Axe Head is a program of exchanges and exhibitions between Basque and Canadian artists and art institutions.

Inspired by the recent finding of the oldest European artifact in North America, ARMAR's newest project opens a new means of cultural communication across the Atlantic.


There are six blind artwork exchanges programmed for 2015. At the end of each two-month exhibition, the artworks are gifted to the participating artist of the host country.


The Axe Head Art Exchange is a collaboration between ARMAR and Bill Clarke. ARMAR is an association established in Bilbao that develops its activity in relation to the investigation and creation of art. Based in Toronto, Bill Clarke is the editor of Magenta Magazine and a writer for the magazines Canadian Art, ARTnews, Modern Painters y Art Review.

In addition to the generous support of the participants, collaborators and friends, the "Axe Head Art Exchange" is supported financially by Eremuak and Etxepare.




Bill Clarke


PDF - Axe Head pamphlet